"Do awesome sh!t with awesome people, protect the playgrounds you love, and enjoy the ride," says Friedman. It's this very mentality that leads to the effortless delivery of word and melody that draws you into the contented world of Bryon Friedman. From spacious ballads, smoke filled grooves, and tongue-in-cheek pop songs, Friedman easily navigates the over-crowded waters of the singer-songwriter domain and sails gently and confidently toward firm ground. Bryon has spent the last 15 years of his life traveling the world in pursuit of the perfect run. Spending countless hours in

hotels, ski lifts, line-ups, International terminals and café’s surrounded by coaches, athletes, fans and journalists. All the while finding relief in the corner of a hotel lobby playing songs for a group of friends or penning lyrics on an airline napkin on an overnight trans Atlantic flight. His trusty acoustic guitar accompanied him on nearly every trip as he crafted those songs. “A River’s End”, Bryon’s third full length release is full of autobiographical storytelling, direct communication and wishful thinking. Produced by Marc Benning at Hideaway Studios. 


Photographer :: Rachel Pepper

Musician :: Bryon Friedman

Location :: Poison Creek Mural - Park City, Utah